nuage . natural euro linen dress . new moon


nuage . natural euro linen dress . new moon


super natural clothing

the ‘nuage’ dress is handmade of a gorgeous black natural european linen. each garment is individually made in my denver, colorado studio using the most eco-friendly methods. a true labor of love, this modern dress is incredibly comfortable & easy wearing with in-seam pockets, lovely side slits showing just the right amount of skin. wear it loose or belted, you’ll fall in love with the architectural simplicity of this cut.

simple. modern. timeless. well made to be worn well.

color: new moon

loose oversized dress with ample room for movement & comfort, please go by measurement (vintage belt sold separately):


11" neck opening

24" bust

41" length (from center back)

26” sweep

12” side slit


12” neck opening

26.5” bust

41.5” length (from center back)

28” sweep

12” side slit

garments are individually handmade to order & take approx. 2 weeks for shipment. please choose size & if you would like a shorter or longer length (including sleeves) or if would like the dress dyed in any other colors shown on my shop page, I am happy to accommodate you! please email me any special requests immediately after check out.

**Please note that all of my goods are hand made using recycled, vintage and/or new eco, sustainable, organic materials. I spend countless hours putting my love into each piece I create starting from hand picking the fabric, hand washing & drying, dyeing, designing, drafting & cutting the pattern to sewing, stitching, ironing....  natural dyeing is a very lengthy process involving days to weeks of preparation from scouring to tanning to mordanting & finally immersing in the precious botanical dye stuff.  the results are always surprising & the inherent beauty of natural dyed textile are the nuances of coloration that gives each dyed piece it's one of a kind, unique characteristic.  naturally dyed textiles are gentle on the environment whereby eliminating the cocktail of toxins associated with synthetic dyeing process but it is an incredibly involved & time consuming process.  naturally dyed fibers also fade with time & exposure to the sun can quicken the fading process so it's good to be mindful of hand washing separately or with like colors only when absolutely necessary with very gentle ph neutral detergents in cold water & drying naturally out of direct sunlight.  with vintage or recycled materials, there are inherent markings that some may consider "flaws" ~ I personally find that it's these beautiful little "scars" that give each piece it's own special character, imparting a uniqueness that I could not create with a perfect pristine brand new piece of fabric. I love the perfection of imperfection and I don't discard fabrics due to these "scars". Please keep this perspective in mind if you are thinking of purchasing any of my goods.

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