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March First Friday Event @ Slo Curio Featuring Ayse Sirin Budak's Abstract Paintings

Slo Curio is thrilled to be featuring the vibrant modern abstract paintings of New York artist, Ayse Sirin Budak on March 1st & throughout the month.  Ms. Budak's special collection of work made exclusively for Slo Curio are her abstract interpretation & appreciation of our stunning Colorado landscapes.  Please come join us between 6-9pm on the 1st to view this wonderful artist's work while enjoying refreshments & communing with like-minded creatives in this thriving artistic community!

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 Artist Bio:

Ayse Sirin Budak is a self-taught Turkish abstract artist born in 1986 currently living in New York.  She mainly creates in mixed media, mostly acrylic, ink or fabric on cotton paper or canvas.  She emphasizes the concept of 'wabi sabi', the beauty of imperfection which is the reason she is naturally drawn to painting on handmade cotton paper; for its distinctive uniqueness and imperfections. She believes living in an imperfect world & facing all of it’s challenges are essential for soul wisdom and maturity leading to the highest spiritual perfection as indicated in the core of Sufism.  She delights in encouraging viewers to enjoy the imperfections in life by use of abstract visual structures in her paintings.

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February First Friday Event @ Slo Curio Featuring Mami Yamamoto's Monotype Prints!

Slo Curio is thrilled to feature the colorful, vibrant, fresh & modern-abstract work of Denver's monotype artist, Mami Yamamoto. Mami’s art is so alive & brimming with joy, humor & curiosity & her true nature shines through in each & every aspect of her work.

Please come join us for an opening artist reception on First Friday of February between 6-9pm & meet this very talented artist! Mami’s work will be on display at Slo Curio for your viewing pleasure & purchase until February 24th if you miss the event!



Almost a prerequisite for her people, growing up in Japan, I was surrounded by those with distinguished sensibilities & deep reverence for aesthetic & functional beauty rooted in culture. In every aspect of my young life, I witnessed both old and new aesthetic, many of which was simply considered "custom" or "ritual." During the past 20 years, I have heavily been engaged with Japanese antiques, particularly textiles, folk arts and crafts. Each artifact I have encountered and collected possesses unique beauty, based on the choice of materials and execution to functionality.

In those everyday objects, I often find the most sincere and genuine beauty and I am choosing a similar path to create something intangible in my own life. Every element of our lives are superimposed and layered with other matters and elements. Endless variations of pigments, complex textures, and organic forms and shapes are all my intended forms of creative expression.

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