tierra natural italian linen dress in snow


tierra natural italian linen dress in snow


super natural clothing by g. roslie

the ‘tierra’ dress is handmade of a gorgeous natural european linen. each garment is individually made in my denver, colorado studio using the most eco-friendly methods. a true labor of love, this mid length boat neck dress has raw edge details that give it a fun flirty vibe while keeping things classy. wear it belted or loose, it can easily go from morning to evening effortlessly.

simple. modern. timeless. well made to be worn well.

color: snow

loose yet elegant fit, please go by measurement :


44” bust

36” length

68” sweep

16” sleeve

11” neck opening


coming soon…

garments are individually handmade to order & take approx. 2 weeks for shipment. please choose size & if you would like a shorter or slightly longer length or if you would like the dress in any other color shown on my shop page, I am happy to accommodate you! please email me any special requests immediately after check out.

a little bit about g. roslie’s dyeing process:

starting with the highest quality eco-friendly fabric, all hand dyed goods (with the exception of indigo) are first dipped in organic soy milk that I extract starting from the beans. i prefer to use soy milk in lieu of alum mordanting due to the environmental factors of using metallic salts & the tremendous amount of water usage that is required with the traditional alum method. although a bit more time consuming, i have found that using the ancient japanese method of curing the fabric in soy milk affords me similar results to mordanting with a much lighter footprint on our precious environment thus making the dyeing process ’super natural'. once the textile good is dipped, it is line dried & put away to ‘cure' for up to 2 weeks. after curing, i then dye the goods using all natural botanical & earth pigments & after a quick rinse, i allow the textile to cure again for an additional 2 weeks prior to hand washing with a gentle neutral ph detergent & line drying. please also note natural dyeing does not produce exact results due to environmental factors such as water content, temperature, dye content, etc. which is part of the beauty, mystery & surprise of the process. when placing an order please be aware that final color result of your order may be slightly lighter or darker in the end result even though i will attempt my best effort to produce consistent results.

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