mini.malist natural veg dyed leather shoulder bag


mini.malist natural veg dyed leather shoulder bag


g. roslie’s hand crafted mini.malist leather shoulder bag, a perfect size for carrying your everyday essentials.

simple. beautiful. timeless. modern.

well made to be worn well



13" x 12" body

3.5” gusset

22" strap length

composed of:

veg dyed virgin leather which has been treated with natural beeswax

hand cut, hand burnished veg leather strap

hand made leather toggle & wooden bead detailing

veg dyed natural leathers are more susceptible to staining than chemically treated leathers. i hand apply beeswax to each bag to ensure a certain level of protection but please be aware you will need to be mindful in keeping the leather dry & keeping away from liquids & also to reapply beeswax as needed. the beauty of this leather is that upon handling & wearing, it will start to darken & tan in color to become your own signature bag.

**Please note that all of my goods are hand made using mostly recycled, vintage and/or new eco, sustainable, organic (as much as possible) material. I spend countless hours putting my love into each piece I create starting from hand picking the fabric, hand washing & drying, designing, drafting & cutting the pattern to sewing, stitching, ironing, hammering.... As with a lot of vintage or recycled materials, there are inherent markings that some may consider "flaws" ~ I personally find that it's these beautiful little "scars" that give each piece it's own special character, imparting a uniqueness that I could not create with a perfect pristine brand new piece of fabric. I love the perfection of imperfection and I don't discard fabrics due to these "scars". Please keep this perspective in mind if you are thinking of purchasing any of my goods.

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